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There will still be a price premium, something that makes it less appealing on paper. But for those running on renewable energy there are potentially significant running cost savings that could lead to a pay-off within a few years of ownership. Those wanting to travel more than km between charges can also opt for the larger 60kWh battery.

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Debate rages about which electric technology is best, but the Hyundai Ioniq settles the argument by offering three distinct models. The regular hybrid is the most serious challenger yet to the Toyota Prius, providing Prius-equalling 3. The plug-in hybrid allows for electric-only running for about 40km but with a 1.

Or you can shun fuel stations altogether with the all-electric model, which offers claimed driving range of km. The RAV4 has come a long way since the original in You get that looking at the new fifth-generation model that arrives around May.

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The RAV also promises vastly improved driving manners courtesy of its new generation architecture and new four-cylinder engines. Teaming a 2. The hybrid is particularly relevant for those doing lots of city driving, the regenerative braking able to convert energy back into electricity. It looks new, especially with its crisper, sharpened snout.

But the soon-to-arrive Triton shares plenty with the current car when you delve into the details. The basic body is the same, as is the tray.

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Browse all our best offers right here to see how much you can save! Our rotating monthly specials mean there's always an exciting way to invest in a brand-new Audi vehicle in the Phoenix metro area. Once you've looked through our current special offers, visit our new dealership for your test drive before they're gone.

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New to our site? Sign Up. You've Successfully logged in! Registration Successful! Let's take a look at your options. Transfer Your Lease Probably the easiest and most popular way to get out of your lease early is to transfer it using a 3rd party service such as Swap A Lease or Lease Trader. Most leasing companies allow you to transfer the lease to another person, but be aware that in most cases, you will still technically be on the contract and liable if that other person stops making payments.

Depending on your mileage and the amount of money you put down on the lease, you may have to offer an incentive that will lower the monthly payments for the new lessee.

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Sell or Trade the Vehicle Many people don't realize you can buy the vehicle from the leasing company at any time. This is called an early buyout and in some cases, it's a great way to get out of your lease if you can find a buyer for the car. The first thing you need to do is find out the payoff or buyout amount of the vehicle from the leasing company.

Always make sure to deal with the leasing company directly and not a dealership. The leasing company is the one that owns the car so if you communicate through a dealer, you're just adding a middleman that can potentially screw you over. In most cases, the car will be worth less than the payoff amount so you'll need to incur the difference as a loss when you sell or trade the vehicle. If you put down a large down payment at the beginning of the lease, you have a much better chance of breaking even.

Keep in mind that if you're going to be buying the car from the leasing company and then selling it to a 3rd party buyer, you may be subject to paying taxes. Most states have exceptions if you buy and sell within a certain time period, such as 10 days.

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Check with your DMV office to find out what the rules are in your state. Rather than selling to a private party, you can trade the car in at a dealer. Note that they will be paying you wholesale value for the car which will result in a lower amount than if you sold it privately.